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Print better, faster and freer with PolyJet materials

PolyJet materials

PolyJet is an additive manufacturing technology that uses a jet of liquid polymer to create 3D objects.

The technology has a number of benefits, including high speed and low cost. The materials on offer with PolyJet are distinct, offering unique properties suited to a variety of applications. This makes them an excellent choice for designers and engineers looking to produce custom parts for design and testing.

One of the key advantages of PolyJet materials is in the colours and finishes that can be achieved. These parts are true works of art, capable of reproducing even the most subtle colour variations and intricate patterns. For designers looking for a truly bespoke product, PolyJet is a great way to get just what they are looking for. 

Pure functionality

With a suite of advanced PolyJet materials for use in demanding applications such as those requiring temperature resistance, high surface hardness, extreme elasticity, superior stiffness and chemical resistance.

Stunning prototypes

Create stunning prototypes in a single process with a choice of over 640,000 Pantone validated colour combinations and a virtually limitless choice of textures. Stratasys PolyJet material selections include flexible materials for a range of consumer electronics applications and clear materials to mimic the look of glass or acrylic.

PolyJet printing materials


Test and verify grips, pulls, handles, gaskets or footwear in a range of Shore A values comparable to rubber bands, tire treads and shoe heels.


Adds striking colour to all parts and prototypes. The ability to simulate over 640,000 colours and unlimited tints provides unique full-colour capabilities to prototypes of all kinds.


A rigid material used exclusively with the Super High Speed print mode for concept modelling. Models will have a medium opacity and smooth finish.


Like PMMA, VeroClear is used as an alternative to glass and is ideal for concept modelling and design verification of clear parts such as eyewear, light covers and medical devices.

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