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Stratasys J850 Prime

490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.)

The J850 Prime can produce over 600,000 Pantone validated colour combinations, print seven resins simultaneously and provide multi-material capabilities that bring your most imaginative ideas to life. Including:


Available on J8 Prime printers, these rigid photopolymers enable nearly 2,000 Pantone colours.


Transparent material for prototypes of glass, clear polymers or transparent packaging.

Digital ABS Plus

Tough, temperature-resistant material ideal for functional testing and demanding applications.

... and many more.

For design

With over 500,000 unique colours, realistic texture simulation, flexible and transparent materials and a click-and-print workflow, the J850 Prime 3D printer is among the most versatile full-colour printers on the market.

For engineering

From efficient concept models to functional testing and single-colour, multi-material prototypes, the J850 Prime is the ideal engineering solution to help you speed through form and fit verification.

Helping you create, refine and design game-changing products.

Create full colour 3D models in 20% of the time it takes to produce with traditional methods. Speedier design decisions help you make fewer design iterations and achieve better results, faster than ever.

Benefits of J850 Prime


Zero fuss. The J850 Prime comes integrated with GrabCAD Print and features odour-free, ultra quiet printing for minimal office disruptions.

Make design iterations 5x faster than traditional methods of prototyping

Unleash 600,000+ stunning unique colour variants , backed by Pantone validation

Multiple textures.
Simulated leather.
Soft touch.
Wood grain.
Pantone validated.

Unbeatable fidelity.

Super High Speed print modes provides 5x more design iterations.

Make smarter design decisions by producing models in 20% of the time.

Full flexibility straight from your office with
multi-material 3D printing capability

Stunning colour combinations

The Stratasys J850 Prime 3D printer produces exceptional results with over 600,000 Pantone validated colour combinations, giving you the power to unleash your creative potential and bring your imagination to life. 

Print up to seven resins in one

The J850 Prime comes with multi-material capabilities boasting a range of materials with practical properties allowing transparency, flexibility and performance in every part.

Streamline your workflow

With J850 Prime you can accelerate time to market so you can spend more time on the things that matter such as creating, refining and designing the best products possible. 

Print faster than ever before

Create concept models 5x faster than traditional model making efforts. A Super High Speed mode affords designers more time to refine existing ideas to ensure greater products. 

Isn’t it Prime time?

No matter if you require micron-tight tolerances or require parts free of imperfections, the J850 Prime from Stratasys always shines. You can discover more about the range or book a FREE demo below.

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