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3D-printing solutions for the art & fashion industry

Stratasys 3D printing in art & fashion

3D printing in fashion is having a transformative effect - allowing designers to create 3D printed garments including custom clothing, accessories and footwear freely without design restrictions.

3D printing is being used to create designs for fashion designers and brands such as Adidas and Nike to produce prototypes for designing new shoes and apparel. The manufacturing costs of prototyping are much lower than traditional methods because the prototypes can be made quickly using 3D printing technology. 

By giving consumers the ability to try on custom 3D printed shoes or clothing, designers can experiment with different designs before committing to a finished product. 3D printing in fashion is being used by fashion designers at all stages of the design journey. It is also used in the jewellery industry by manufacturers such as Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston to create unique designs.

Applications of 3D printing are not limited to creating one-off pieces; it can also be used to create mass quantities of clothing, accessories and footwear at a much lower cost than traditional manufacturing methods when the production volume is low.

3D printing on fabrics and substrates with the FabriX Innovation Kit opens up a whole new creative universe for the fashion industry and enables new product development with a reduced timeline and increased efficiency, also with lower production costs.

This innovative platform will also reduce the footprint of the manufacturing industry due to the reduction of material waste and the need for less transportation, packaging materials, and energy required to manufacture items. In addition, consumers will be able to make purchases on-demand at the point of need instead of waiting for merchandise to be delivered to their doorsteps, resulting in better customer experiences and less wastage.

Customisation on demand

  • It allows fashion companies to offer customised products to their customers, creating a higher level of satisfaction.
  • It enables fashion brands to bring products to market more quickly by creating prototypes quickly and at low costs.
  • Allows customers to easily order custom-made garments that are not available in stores.

Rapid prototyping in fashion and footwear

The widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technology for rapid prototyping opens doors for new forms of self-expression and innovative customisation for consumers, potentially changing the face of the fashion industry forever.

Faster prototyping time will reduce costs and reduce time to market, enabling new products to enter the market at a faster rate.

Stratasys on the catwalk

Stratasys 3D printing technology is being used by fashion brands around the world to innovate creative collections, including Iris Van Herpen’s statement-making dresses at Paris Fashion Week and the GnoMon fashion collection by Ganit Goldstein designed using additive manufacturing technology from Stratasys. The collection was recently on display at the Milan and London Fashion Weeks to showcase how 3D printing can be used for creating new products and designs in collaboration with industry leaders. 

Additionally, technology company Samsung has been working with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli to develop couture dresses using additive manufacturing technology which was on display at Paris Fashion Week.

Bring your vision to life

From fashion to art – Stratasys 3D printing knows no bounds. Creators are exercising 3D printing in the art industry to innovate spectacular displays for visitors to enjoy around the world. From installations to statues; bridges to fine art and fashion – 3D printing is breaking the mould to allow artists and innovators to inspire with statement-making pieces.

Stratasys on display

Designers FluxAxis used Stratasys 3D printing to create a 1.2 metre David and Goliath statue in Pantone pink for display at Dublin Castle. Making waves with tourists, the statue was pictured thousands of times by tourists after its installation and was a unique feature of the city’s art scene during its installation. They are not the only design company using Stratasys 3D printing to create stunning works of art time and time again, with Neri Oxman and the Mediated Matter Group using it to bring his artistic vision to actuality with a series of nature-inspired instalments in the Aquahoja range.  

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