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Unlock your printers full potential


Expanding possibilities in reliable AM

Expanding on 30 years of providing turnkey AM solutions including integrated hardware, materials and software to work in complete alignment. OpenAM enables you to completely customise print tuning using open market or newly developed proprietary formulas.

Why OpenAM from Stratasys?

Accelerate success

With intuitive, easy to use software and wide capabilities to truly control every aspect of the printing process. Combined with the addition of “safety paramaters” to specify minimum and maximum values, based upon our 30 years of thermoplastic excellence.

Work with confidence

Available on the widely adopted and industry recognised workhouse, the Stratasys Fortus 450mc. Integrated precisely to maximise software and hardware performance on a tried and tested platform.

Enable development

Don’t be restricted by material choice. Print everything from open market, to newly developed proprietary formulas. With Stratasys’ new preferred and validated material options the opportunity is endless.

Fortus 450mc - Providing the value with OpenAM

Key Features

  • Editable print parameters that include liquefier temperature, oven temperature, bead mode options, and much more
  • Feature-based tuning for quick adjustment of desired part characteristics by feature
  • Material class defaults and safe parameter ranges to reduce costly failures and lost time
  • Helpful tuning tips paired with the Stratasys FDM tuning guide to ensure repeatable success
  • Available through separate OpenAM Software

Origin One - expanding your print parameters

Key Features

  • Adjustable print parameters that include UV exposure, temperature, movement parameters, scaling, and more, for ultimate print control
  • Ability to create material profiles – predefined print settings – adding efficiency and consistency for specific print outcomes
  • Access to Origin One open material library containing additional materials validated by our material partners to unlock different applications 
  • Accessible through GrabCAD Print software

Designed to accelerate innovation

Expanding value

Get more from the technology with further material options and development opportunity.

Push the boundries

Think beyond traditional applications and go beyond whats possible with advanced tools to fuel brand new polymer development.

Less constraints

With OpemAM benefit from additional material sources and broader availability, eliminating the constraints of single sourcing and extended material development cycles.

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