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Taking 3D Printing to the Next level

GrabCAD Print Pro

Introducing: GrabCAD Print Pro

The premium version of GrabCAD Print, GrabCAD Print Pro, supports high-performance end-use parts or prototypes utilized in process-controlled conditions. This includes enhanced features such as: Accuracy Center, Manufacturing Templates, 3rd Party Plugins, and Per-Part Estimation. Additional features will be included in future releases. 

With GrabCAD Print Pro, users will experience reduced print prep time and scrap, resulting in greater cost and time savings. 

Now available for FDM and SAF™ 3D printers.

“The integration with GrabCAD Print Pro enables us to offer greater value to our customers. Through this partnership, we enable more manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate Castor into their design and production platforms, thus identify additive manufacturing opportunities more easily. We’re excited to be part of the innovative Stratasys platform.”

New Features: GrabCAD Print Pro


Nest parts automatically, lock orientations, and achieve industrial-grade throughput. GrabCAD Print Pro enables you to 3D print more parts in a single build, leading to time and cost savings.


Accelorate your brands output – with 3D printing templates. Streamlining your teams collaboration for even faster and consistent part production.

Per Part Estimation

On a tray of 30 individual models, instead of one grouped time estimation, 30 separated estimations are generated, with a single click. Resulting in greater programming efficiency by reducing prep time on 3D printing.

Accuracy Center

Automatic correction of print warpage after a 3D scan (requires off-the-shelf 3D scanner). Use the first 3D print to correct warping on prints 2-10,000, leading to more accurate parts and reduced scrap or waste.

Supporting third-party plugins.

Identify | Optimize | Print

Automatically analyse thousands of parts at once, identify their suitability  for Additive Manufacturing with CASTOR and export them directly to GrabCadPrint. Receive  recommendations on the optimal materials , printing technology and redesign opportunities. The analysis will highlight  the benefits of using AM by reducing cost, lead times and Co2 emissions 

Toolpath Simultator

Revolutionise your 3D printing workflow for Stratasys FDM machines with AlphaSTAR’s award-winning simulation software, now available as a plug-in for GrabCAD Print Pro. With toolpath-driven analysis, you can improve your design cycles and generate more precise, qualified builds, while also reducing print iterations. Quality assessment of toolpath and thermal process simulation are just some of the many benefits of this powerful software that will take your 3D printing to the next level.

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