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3D-printing solutions for the education industry

Stratasys 3D printing in education

Empower, inspire and innovate with 3D printing in education

Empower the innovators of today and tomorrow to design, create, refine and iterate with ease using the latest in 3D printers for schools and educational institutions. Revolutionising the supply chain and broadening our ability to design, print and share ideas across classrooms, campuses and communities – additive manufacturing is the future.

Find out how you can bring additive manufacturing in-house in your classroom. No matter if you are a school, college, university or other educational institution, we have the toolkit to get you started on your additive manufacturing journey.

Take advantage of our discounts on 3D printers for education, as well as workshops and more designed to inspire your students and create opportunities for them to learn essential skills for the future workplace.

Experience the future of learning today!

Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly keen to nurture the engineering and additive manufacturing stars of tomorrow by investing in world-leading Stratasys 3D-printing equipment. 3D printing in education can fuel creativity and imagination, putting students one step ahead of their peers and setting them firmly on the path to their chosen future careers.

Educational establishments hosting the technology are able to offer more powerful and positive learning environments, boosting their reputation in the field.

Why use 3D printing for education?

3D printing has become an increasingly popular way to produce tangible objects, including models and prototypes. It is a process that uses digital files to create a three-dimensional object from layers of plastic or composite materials. Prevalent in the education sector, 3D printing is supporting the teaching objectives of schools, colleges, universities and medical institutions around the world, providing access to additional learning resources and opportunities for innovation and design thinking.

  • Break down barriers and enhance student learning in STEM subjects, as well as art and design
  • Facilitate potentially ground-breaking research projects
  • Invest in the future of additive manufacturing as a huge growth area
  • Boost an institution’s reputation as a leader in its field
  • Create powerful and positive classroom learning

Start learning today

Uses of 3D printing in education

The path to tangible innovation

Discover how you can empower student innovation, research and career-readiness with cutting-edge materials and technologies.

3D printing for labs and classrooms

Access free materials, technical guides and lesson ideas. Give students hands-on 3D printing experience to prepare them for future tech-centric careers.

Connect to industry, empower learning

Hear how industry experts use 3D printing in on-demand webinars. Learn from additive users to make the most of 3D printing for students.


Every researcher strives to advance their field of study. 3D printers in schools, and in education are an exceptional tool to illustrate and model findings in vivid detail. With access to multi-material deposition, orientation and precise control of structural aesthetics, researchers can make ideas come to life.

Colleges & Universities

Cutting-edge technology can attract the best students and staff in higher education. It provides students a path to gaining critical academic and STEM skills through hands-on learning. Galvanise an entire campus, generate excitement, inspire collaboration and foster student entrepreneurship with hands-on experiences in professional 3D printing.

Career and technical education

Experts predict a shortage of skilled workers could lead to millions of unfilled jobs. Globally, manufacturers are counting on career and technical schools to develop programs that attract talented students and prepare them to work in advanced technology sectors using knowledge far beyond what was required a generation ago.

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