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LOCTITE ® 3D 3843 High Toughness by Henkel

Great balance of strength, stiffness and toughness, with a stunning matte surface finish.

A high-strength engineering polymer with good impact resistance and exceptional surface finish. Ideal for a wide variety of tools in the production floor. Attributes are similar to ABS. Ideal applications include functional production parts, enclosures, medical device housings or parts with Class A surface requirements.

Key Benefits
  • High heat deflection temperature, HDT 60°C (140°F)
  • Tough with outstanding surface finish
  • Superior strength and impact resistance
  • Biocompatible
  • Color: Black, clear
Compatible printers

Origin One

A transformative 3D printer enabling flexible production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials. Achieve industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail and throughput with the Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology. Get ready for a new era of 3D printing.

Origin® One Material Comparison

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