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Fortus FDM 3D printing technology: The gold standard in additive manufacturing

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In the rapidly advancing world of additive manufacturing, Fortus FDM technology is seen as the gold standard. 

Invented by Stratasys over 15 years ago, Fortus FDM technology has transformed production floors by producing flawless parts, eliminating costly delays and material waste, optimising production schedules, expanding product capabilities and boosting overall productivity. 

Providing unwavering reliability, precision and efficiency, Fortus FDM technology has established itself as the gold standard in additive manufacturing.

What makes Fortus FDM 3D printing the worlds no.1 additive manufacturing technology?

Unwavering reliability & uncompromising performance

The Fortus 450, the flagship of the Fortus FDM range, combines robust engineering and cutting-edge innovation. Its industrial-grade construction capabilities withstands the rigors of continuous operation, minimising downtime and ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. High-performance materials enable the creation of functional prototypes and production parts with advanced mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Precision-driven efficiency

Fortus FDM 3D printing technology utilises advanced print profiles and robust build chambers to deliver unparalleled stability and repeatability. This guarantees right-first-time components, minimises post-processing requirements and accelerates product development cycles for a range of component sizing. 

Maximised shopfloor productivity 

Fortus FDM technology maximises shopfloor productivity, ensuring fast, precise prints that optimise material utilisation and eliminate production bottlenecks to ensure maximum uptime and consistent high-quality product output. 

Expert service & support 

SYS Systems is the platinum partner of Stratasys in the UK, supplying and supporting the full range of  world-renowned 3D printing technologies from prototyping through to production. As the only dedicated UK supplier of Stratasys Fortus FDM 3D printers, SYS Systems delivers renowned industry expertise, training programs, and dedicated support to ensure industrial manufacturers can maximise the full capabilities of Fortus FDM technology. 


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