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Spectra Group

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Spectra Group is a leading global provider of tactical and strategic mission-critical communication systems and high-grade information security and network capabilities. Spectra specialise in delivering comprehensive, robust, and reliable solutions for vital industries including: defence and security, aid and emergency and commercial organisations, utilising their first-hand experience of creating secure communication networks for the most challenging environments.

Spectra Group is focussed on innovation and advanced technologies across their product development and manufacturing processes. Spectra streamlined their product development process by investing in one of the UK’s first Stratasys Origin One 3D printers from SYS Systems, the UK’s dedicated Stratasys Platinum Partner. This boosted their speed and flexibility in the development and production of both prototypes and end-use products.

SYS Systems is the UK’s dedicated platinum partner to Stratasys, the biggest commercial 3D printing brand in the world. SYS Systems supplies and supports Stratasys’ full range of leading 3D printing technologies, providing advanced, state-of-the-art solutions for prototyping through to production.

Project Brief:

Spectra Group have been producing critical communication products for 20+ years. One of their most successful products in recent years is the SlingShot system which Spectra have sold over 8,000 units since its launch in 2010. SlingShot is a compact and user-friendly tactical radio range extension system designed to aid command and control communications. This unique system effortlessly enables in-service, high frequency radios to utilise L-Band satellite frequencies, extending their reach over thousands of kilometres.

Due to the critical nature of the industries Spectra serve, providing reliable communications in remote and often hostile environments is of paramount importance and means that they need to be constantly innovating and proactively developing products that will resolve issues before problems arise.

Spectra Group approached SYS Systems to explore the opportunity of additive manufacturing to help reduce their outsourcing and expand their in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. Spectra wanted to not only reduce costs but achieve greater flexibility across their entire product development process and even end-use products.

Spectra Group’s Head of Research & Development, Simon Perrett, said:

“The products we produce haven’t just got to look good, they have got to perform really well as well. When I came into the company and looked at how much we were outsourcing, one of the things I looked at was cost for things like tooling, but I also looked at the flexibility that if we have an idea, how we can change it and how to change it quickly.”

The Solution:

Spectra Group invested in the Stratasys Origin One 3D printer, supplied by SYS Systems enabling them to achieve mass production of end-use parts with a diverse range of high-performance materials. This innovative 3D printing solution unlocked significant improvements in Spectra Group’s product development process by allowing them to develop, iterate and produce prototypes and end-use products in a much faster timeframe than before.

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The Origin One enables companies like Spectra Group to manufacture high-quality parts without the cost of inject mould retooling, whilst maintaining minimal inventory by printing on-demand with exceptional accuracy, consistency and isotropy.

“Our first project came about just after we had set the printer up,” said Simon. “Within a couple of weeks, we were printing the parts off perfectly. At that point, we knew we could do a lot more with the printer’s capabilities.”

The Benefits:

Since investing in a Stratasys Origin One, Spectra Group have revolutionised their in-house product development processes which has enabled them to increase the manufacturing of field-ready end-use products directly from their Herefordshire site.  

Stratasys’ Origin One provides Spectra Group with unparalleled production efficiency for their critical communications systems. Utilising P3 technology, the 3D printer delivers high-quality parts with industry-leading accuracy, consistency, and detail.

The wide variety of high-performance materials utilised by Spectra Group, as well as the automated pressure, separation force, and temperature control of the Origin One guarantees exceptional repeatability of their end-use products. The Origin One provides a seamless transition from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing.

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Simon said: “Once we’re happy with a product, we don’t have to go and get any injection mould tooling or anything. We can literally produce a part, with a little bit of post-processing, insert all the parts we need to and then ship it out. That was the revolution we were after and now we have achieved it.”

Spectra Group have seen many benefits since the instalment of the Stratasys Origin One. The fast print times, affordable single-component resins, minimal post-processing, low waste, and high yields enables Spectra Group to now launch products faster than ever before, whilst also allowing them to adapt to market demands with greater flexibility.

Simon said: “We constantly want to diversify and change things, and the Origin One gives us that capability. We couldn’t do without this printer now. And in terms of a partner for us, SYS Systems have been brilliant.”

“Once we're happy with a product, we don't have to go and get any injection mould tooling or anything. We can literally produce a part, with a little bit of post-processing, insert all the parts we need to and then ship it out. That was the revolution we were after and now we have achieved it.”
Simon Perrett
Head of Research & Development, Spectra Group

Why SYS Systems and Stratasys?

SYS Systems supplies and supports the full range of Stratasys’ world-renowned 3D printing technologies in the UK, helping customers with every stage of the manufacturing process, from prototyping through to production.

SYS Systems is part of the Carfulan Group who specialise in providing the most advanced manufacturing technologies available, helping customers across their five divisions to achieve optimal performance and end-product excellence.


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