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Antero 800NA

FDM PEKK Thermoplastic

High-Performance PEKK Polymer.

Antero 800NA is one of the Stratasys PEKK materials, possessing excellent physical and mechanical properties. In addition to being tough and wear-resistant, Antero 800NA is characterized by high strength, high heat resistance, low outgassing and superior chemical resistance. These qualities make it a useful aerospace material and suitable for applications requiring durability and weight reduction.

Lower Costs Through FDM Design Freedom.

Antero 800NA combines the benefits of PEKK with FDM’s design freedom, allowing more complex geometries free from typical machining constraints. 3D printing with PEKK also saves material by using it only where needed, reducing cost, compared to the substantial waste of machined PEKK.

Typical applications


Functional prototypes for demanding applications.



Custom and specialty tooling.

Production Parts

Low-volume production of high-requirement parts.

Performance properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength*

Antero 800NA : 87MPa
Ultem 1010 : 81MPa
ULTEM 9085 : 69MPa

Compatible printers

Antero 800NA data sheet

Antero 800NA safety data sheet

Material testing procedure

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