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Antero 840CN03

FDM PEKK-Based ESD Thermoplastic

Durable PEKK Material Properties

Get unprecedented strength, heat and chemical resistance, toughness and a lighter weight alternative to metal with Antero 840CN03 — a high-performance, PEKK-based electrostatic discharge (ESD) thermoplastic.

Space-Ready Performance

Produce highly-customized, low-volume parts with consistent static dissipative properties, chemical resistance and ultra-low outgassing with high-performing Antero 840CN03 FDM filament.

Typical applications


Functional prototypes in high-demand applications.



ESD-safe jigs and fixtures for testing and assembly


Production Parts

Low-volume, end-use parts for high requirements


Performance properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

Antero 840CN03 : 95MPa (13610PSI)
ULTEM™ 9085 resin : 69MPa (9950PSI)
Nylon 6 : 68MPa (9800PSI)
PC : 57MPa (8300PSI)

ESD Safe

Compatible printers


Antero 840CN03 product data sheet

Antero 840CN03 safety data sheet

Antero 840CN03 material guide

Chemical Resistance of Antero 840CN03

Electrical Properties of Antero 840CN03

Material testing procedure

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