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Covestro Addigy® PA6/66-GF20 FR LS

Validated FDM Thermoplastic

Addigy® PA6/66-GF20 FR LS is a glass-filled nylon material designed for FDM additive manufacturing applications in the railway and aerospace industries. This flame-retardant Stratasys Validated Material has low smoke generation characteristics, and its glass-filled composition provides excellent thermal performance at elevated temperatures.

Benefits of Addigy PA6/66-GF20 FR LS

From a regulatory perspective, Addigy PA6/66-GF20 FR LS meets the following transportation safety standards:

  • EN 45545 – European fire protection standards for railway vehicles.
  • NFPA 130 – Fire protection standard for underground, surface, and elevated transit and passenger rail systems.
  • SMP 800-C – Bombardier standard for toxic gas generation.
  • FAR 25.853 – FAA standard for flammability ratings associated with aircraft compartment interiors.
Non-Toxic and No Harmful Gasses

This material also uses non-halogenated flame retardant, which is non-toxic and does not release harmful gasses. Non-halogenated additives are also an environmentally greener alternative and are not subject to regulation. 

Faster, Lower-Cost Alternative

Addigy PA6/66-GF20 FR LS FDM filament offers a faster, lower-cost alternative to molding and machining to replace obsolete parts and support other low-volume production applications, particularly in regulated industries. 

Typical applications

Production Parts

Out-of-production, low-volume, and customized production part applications.

Performance properties

Tensile Yield Strength (XZ Orientation)

50.7 MPa (7350 psi)


Flexural Modulus (XZ Orientation)

5.10 GPa (740 ksi)


Compatible printers

Fortus 450

Addigy PA6/66-GF20 FR LS Material Datasheet

Addigy PA6/66-GF20 FR LS Safety Datasheet

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