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FDM HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene)

FDM HIPS is high-impact polystyrene in a 3D printing filament form. Its mechanical properties are similar to ABS in most respects, but as its name implies, it offers much higher impact resistance than ABS, providing durability for 3D printed parts.

Benefits of HIPS

As a Stratasys Validated Material , FDM HIPS offers a low-cost option for general low-requirement 3D printing applications. The material’s low unit cost makes it a good choice for prototyping applications where multiple iterations are desired to refine design concepts. Other applications include jigs, fixtures, assembly aids, and inspection tools not subjected to high loading. These lower-strength 3D printed tools can be made much faster and less expensive than a molded or machined alternative. 

Reusable and Recyclable

The easy formability of FDM HIPS makes it easily reusable and recyclable, a beneficial feature for reducing the environmental impact of post-printed material. 

Typical applications


Fast prototyping, concept modeling and design verification.



Low-requirement tooling, fixtures and assembly aids.


Performance properties

Tensile Yield Strength (XZ Orientation)

FDM HIPS – 26.0 MPa (3770 psi)

Compared to ABS

ABS – 30.8 MPa (4470 psi)

Impact Strength (Unnotched - XZ Orientation)

FDM HIPS – 827 J/m (15.5 ft*lb/in)

Compared to ABS

ABS – 291 J/m (5.45 ft*lb/in)

Compatible printers

Fortus 450

HIPS Material Datasheet

HIPS Safety Datasheet

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