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Polycarbonate (PC)

FDM Thermoplastic

Stability and High Impact Resistance.

Polycarbonate 3D printing filament is a strong, dimensionally stable, heat-resistant plastic with good impact strength. Its stiffness and stability mean the parts you print retain their shape and dimensional accuracy. High impact strength makes this a tough material, suitable for high-durability applications like functional prototyping and manufacturing tooling.

Typical applications


Concept models, early prototyping and functional prototypes.



Jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids.


Production Parts

Low-volume production and highly customized parts.


Performance properties

Tensile Yield Strength*

PC: 60 MPa
Nylon 12: 50 MPa
PC-ABS: 36 MPa

*XZ orientation

Compatible printers

PC product data sheet

PC safety data sheet

Material testing procedure

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