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Air Extraction Systems

Air extraction systems for a silent and odor free production environment.

Stratasys ProAero™ and ProAero™+ extractor units ensure clean air is maintained throughout the printing process, by using a unique filtration system that meets airborne emissions standards and optimizes productivity. Both units can be moved, without the need for further construction, should you need to relocate your printer. The intuitive, compact design and built-in HEPA filter ensures any particles, fumes or odors will be captured and cleaned before being recirculated back into your production environment. Low noise, low power consumption, integral speed control and easy integration with all compatible Stratasys PolyJet and Origin One Printers, makes this the perfect air filter solution.


The ProAero™ is compatible with Stratasys J35™ Pro and J55™ Prime for office environment 3D printing.

Use the ProAero™ in the office together with your J35™ Pro, J55™ Prime and Origin One printers to ensure that clean air and low noise pollution is always maintained in the workplace. The unique filtration system is designed to block out both the noise and odor that can sometimes be unpleasant during the printing process, especially if in small spaces with poor ventilation.

Compatible printers


The ProAero™+ is compatible with the Stratasys J7, J8 Series and Connex printers for industrial and enterprise level 3D printing.

Use ProAero™+ with your industrial-grade, professional Stratasys J7, J8 Series and Connex printers and rest assured that no impurities will make their way back inside your system! Clean air is maintained throughout the 3D printing process, even at Enterprise level.

Compatible printers

ProAero and ProAero+ Brochure

ProAero Product Datasheet

ProAero+ Product Datasheet

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