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High Temperature

Heat Resistance and Strength

High Temperature has the highest heat deflection of any PolyJet standalone material and great surface smoothness. High temperature is strong and stiff, ideal for static parts or thermal testing parts that require high heat resistance such as plumbing fixtures and household appliances.

Highest Thermal Resistance

High Temperature simulates the thermal performance and strength of engineering plastics. With a heat deflection temperature of 80°C after thermal treatment, High Temperature is ideal for testing static parts and hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and faucets. Combine High Temperature with PolyJet rubber materials to produce varying Shore A values, gray shades and rigid functional materials featuring higher temperature resistance.

Performance properties

HDT @ 0.45 MPA

63-67 °C



14-16 J/m



110-130 MPa



70-80 MPa


Compatible printers

High Temperature Data Sheet

High Temperature Safety Data Sheet

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