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PolyJet Opaque Colors

Superior opacity, color uniformity, contrast and sharpness.

The new opaque colors enable the perfect simulation of high-quality injection molded parts. These new colors meet the 2D graphics standards while providing strong color contrast and color separation. Super realistic labels, graphics or text can be added to the model to simulate silkscreen printing or printed stickers.

VeroUltra™ White and VeroUltra™ Black together with PolyJet Vivid colors, allow the creation of highly professional full color models, with realistic finishes. Welcome to the next level of full color modeling.

Typical applications

Toys & Figurines

High fidelity modeling, with great color separation and fine details simulation for the toy industry and figurine production.


Consumer Electronics | Automotive

Perfect solution for modelling fine thin plastic designs, with textures that simulate natural materials such as fabrics or wood.

Improved offering for expo models using transparent parts, back-lit panels and buttons for modern automotive design.


Ideal for simple and complex packaging, from concept to final design, including all textures, text and logos.


Consumer Goods

With saturated colors, smooth tones, and fine textures, consumer goods can be modeled with the highest realism for appearance and A/B testing.


Performance properties

  VeroUltra™ White (RGD825),
VeroUltra™ Black (RGD865)
VeroUltra™ WhiteS (RGD824),
VeroUltra™ BlackS (RGD864)
Tensile Strength50-70 (7250-10150 psi)50-65 (7250-9430 psi)
Elongation at Break7-12 %5-20 %
Modulus of Elasticity2000 – 3000 MPa (290000 – 435000 psi)2000 – 3000 MPa (290000 – 435000 psi)
Flexural Strength75 – 100 MPa (10850 – 14500 psi)65-85 (9400-12300 psi)
Flexural Modulus2100 – 2600 MPa (304600 – 377100 psi)2000-2800 (290000-406100 psi)
HDT, °C & 0.45MPa48 – 54 °C (118 – 129 °F)48-52 °C (118-126 °F)
HDT, °C & 1.82MPa45 – 50 °C (113 – 122 °F)44-47 °C (111-117 °F)
Izod Notched Impact19 – 25 J/m (0.358-0.472 ft-lb/in.)20-30 J/m (0.375 – 0.562 ft-lb/in.)
Water Absorption1.0 – 1.2 %1.1-1.4%
Tg49-56 °C (124-133 °F)54-56 °C (120 – 133 °F)
Shore Hardness (D)83-8683-86
Polymerized Density1.19 – 1.201.19-1.23

Behavior and use

Superior Capacity Application

Thin plastic with best in class opacity.

Stunning Sharpness

Perfect representation of text and labels with improved sharpness meeting 2D graphics standards.

Increased Color Contrast & Uniformity

Smooth, uniform colors together with improved contrast and color separation create great graphics experience.

Digital Materials Combinations

VeroUltraWhite and VeroUltraBlack can be combined with various other materials such as the VeroClear, VeroUltraClear, DABS and our Agilus family materials, offering endless possibilities. Blend materials in amazing part assemblies or in digital material combinations to create perfect visual, form-fit or functional models.

Compatible printers

J55 Prime


J7-8 Series VeroUltra™ Opaque product data sheet

J55 Series VeroUltra™ product data sheet

VeroUltra E-Book

VeroUltra Case Study – Toys

VeroUltra Case Study – Consumer Electronics

VeroUltra Case Study – Automotive

Consumer Goods


VeroUltra™ Black safety data sheet

VeroUltra™ White safety data sheet

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