Add striking colour to all your parts and prototypes with the VeroVivid family.

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VeroVivid provides a full, striking range of colour options that allow you to enhance your parts and prototypes. With more than 500,000 colours and tints to choose from you can ensure unique finishes on your prints.

The ability to combine VeroVivid with other PolyJet materials such as VeroWhite, VeroUltraClear or Agilus30 ensures you have endless possibilities in crafting unique, eye-catching designs. Create colour in multiple shore values, simulate finishes and test realistic packaging or life-like medical parts.


Typical Applications

  • Prototyping

    Colour is a vital element in any design. VeroVivid gives your to the ability to see your design in more than 500,000 colour variants.

  • Simulating Pantone Colours

    Using simple workflows, Stratasys VeroVivid CMYK colours when used with VeroBlack and VeroWhite materials can be matched to 1,970 printable PANTONE Colours, solid-coated and skin tones. 3D printing with PANTONE reduces time and costs significantly and ensures superior colour fidelity.

  • Simulating Finishes and Textures

    With the VeroVivid family it is possible to simulate finishes like wood, leather and stone. Simulated finishes combined with texture and transparency can help create realistic models close to high fidelity models.

  • Medical Applications

    With medical models it is vital they are as realistic as possible to ensure they are of use to any medical professionals. The ability to mimic the human body by using a combination of the VeroVivid materials can allow for useful tools to be created for the medical industry.

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