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Top 7 Benefits of the Stratasys J35 3D Printer

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The Stratasys J35 Pro - powerful office 3D printing

The Stratasys J35 Pro is redefining desktop 3D printing. Despite its small footprint, the power and capability this machine has to offer, is impressive with the best technology of Stratasys printers packed into affordable ownership. Here are the top 7 benefits of having a J35 Pro in your office or studio.

1. Versatility

Meet all of your design needs with a single machine. Thanks to its ability to handle multiple materials in grayscale printing, the J35 excels at prototyping. You can use up to three materials simultaneously, and cartridges can be ‘hot swapped’ for longer printing jobs. This means that, as long as you’re using two cartridges of the same model or support material, cartridges can be swapped in and out without needing to stop the current print job.

Create everything needed for your prototype, including lenses, casings, substrates for overmoulding, and much more. PolyJet printing can handle a lot, and with gel-like support material, you can achieve those complex geometries in designs more easily.

2. Cost

Creating fully functional parts in-house can quickly mount up in terms of savings. With 3D printing, prototypes take a matter of hours, not days. You can have your concept ready to test, touch, and experience in dramatically reduced time, letting you make decisions faster and ultimately see your product going to market much sooner. Reduce or eliminate outsourcing by making your own parts, and you’ve opened another avenue to saving money whilst increasing efficiency. This also minimises the risk of intellectual property leaking outside the confines of your business – invent, create, and test in privacy.

Saving cost is more than saving money – it’s saving time and adding more value to working hours. Set the printer to work, and walk away to complete other tasks while it runs.

3. Ease of Use

Built to be office friendly, the J35 is ready to use from the get-go. It’s operated via an intuitive touchscreen, and doesn’t need any complicated workstation set ups. You can plug it in anywhere and start printing. Its small footprint makes it suitable for any space, not just shopfloor or lab environments.

Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print™ software only adds to the accessibility of the machine, allowing you to monitor and schedule jobs remotely from your phone, and alerting you once jobs are done or if any errors are encountered. GrabCAD also automatically fixes files for you, and gives you an analysis of job history so you get a 360-degree view of your output.

4. Low Investment - big return

Businesses shouldn’t be forced into innovation bottlenecks because of exorbitant technology prices. The J35 Pro is a fully-fledged PolyJet 3D printer at a much lower cost than other PolyJet printing solutions, enabling 3D printing for as little as £150 per week. DraftGrey material is inexpensive to use and perfect for concept models, allowing you to save cost on materials and made smart choices to get the most out of your consumables.

The J35 also doesn’t demand mechanical calibrations before starting a print job, leading to lower overall maintenance and less chance of user error.

5. Office friendly

Can a machine that deals with liquid polymers really fit into an everyday office space?

Definitely. The J35 is odour-free when connected to its ProAero system, meaning even a group of printers can run in the same room without toxins or smells in the workspace. Its operation is ultra-quiet, too, making it less disruptive than an inkjet printer. It can safely be left after working hours to finish off a printing job, meaning you can start the next day with a finished piece waiting for you.

6. Multi-material

The J35 has access to some fantastic PolyJet materials, all of which come together to create incredibly detailed prototypes that closely mimic the properties and features you need to convey. Clear plastic options can be used in place of glass, or as specially-included windows to give you a view to the insides of your prototype. 

Elastico™ is a rubberlike material that is highly flexible and tear-resistant, making it excellent for tubes and hosing, or constructions that need to be slightly malleable whilst holding their shape. 

VeroUltra™ material has a smooth finish, but it can also hold tactile details that give it texture akin to fabric, wood, leather, and other materials.

7. A better fit for customers

Specifications matter. No matter if a finished part or product is required to be a certain size for cosmetic reasons or to fit in packaging, or more crucially because it simply has to fit – the Stratasys J35 3D printer combined with the full power of 3D CAD software, GrabCAD gets things consistently on-point. Ideal for applications like dentistry where the aesthetic of an implant or denture is important for the patient wishing to retain a likeness to their teeth, as well as achieve a better fit with a bespoke solution.