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J5 Dentajet in focus – the fast & agile ally for any dental lab

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The J5 Dentajet​

High-speed 3D printing power for labs and surgeries

The Stratasys J5 Dentajet printer is a powerful, high-speed machine revolutionising the dental industry today. Able to create quality dental implants, crown and bridge models, orthodontic appliances and more, the J5 Dentajet offers a comprehensive portfolio of applications, with fast turnaround times.

Designed for use in the dental lab, the J5 Dentajet 3D printer is compact and efficient, simplifying the 3D printing process for an array of complex dental components. No matter if it is orthodontics, removables, crown and bridge or implantology that the J5 would be used for in-lab, it is an all-in-one solution meaning you can load one tray and walk away.

What sets the J5 Dentajet machine apart from other 3D printers in its category is its ability to print models in biocompatible materials that can integrate with the human body. The J5 Dentajet printer uses VeroDentTM HDX Biocompatible Resin to print medical-grade models that are compatible with the body’s natural chemistry.

These biocompatible materials are used to treat patients who suffer from diseases or injuries of the mouth and face. By incorporating these materials into their dental models and devices, dentists can treat their patients with customized restorations that can better withstand the biological forces present in the mouth. In addition, the biocompatible materials help to prevent infections and reduce the possibility of adverse reactions in patients.

  • Verovivid – 500,000 available colours for full colour compatibility
  • Decreased manual labour
  • Better surface quality
  • Large volume production
  • Cut delivery times

Patients who have undergone treatment with a Dentajet device have reported better oral health and less pain than those who received traditional treatment methods. As a result, many patients have been able to regain the full use of their teeth following their procedure.

In addition to improving the quality of care for our patients, and being suited to a range of dental applications, the J5 Dentajet offers several other advantages for the dental office and the patient allowing for:

A finetuned aesthetic with teeth that look how the patients wants them to look

 For one thing, the printer can be used to eliminate the need for patients to schedule multiple appointments for their procedures. Instead, the patient can simply schedule an appointment to have their model printed and returned to the office in a single visit. This can save both time and money for the patient and the practice.