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Rob Thompson moves into new Carfulan Group role after 15 years with SYS Systems

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Rob Thompson appointed as the Carfulan Group’s new Group Sales Director, in a newly created role designed to support the company’s growth and sales ventures.

Rob will continue to play a pivotal role in SYS Systems as he has done for over 15 years, but will be undertaking even greater responsibility in the new group role.

The Carfulan Group is made up of five divisions; OGP UK, SYS Systems, ZOLLER UK, VICIVISION UK and Prolink UK. It specialises in providing the most advanced manufacturing technologies available, helping customers to achieve optimal performance and end-product excellence. The group aims to allow customers to measure parts more accurately, design more freely and manufacture more efficiently.

Rob will be responsible for engaging the groups’ sales teams, identifying markets that will grow the business as well as nurturing and developing customer relationships with the Carfulan Group’s diverse customer base.

Rob began working at the Carfulan Group in 2007 and has worked in all areas of the company, including; engineering, sales and management. In 2014, Rob was appointed Sales Manager of SYS Systems after achieving seven years of outstanding levels of performance.

Commenting on his new appointment, Rob said:

‘I am really looking forward to building on the solid foundations that already exist within the three sales functions across the group, to bring greater synergy and continuity. We have great sales personnel at the group and I am excited to get started and begin working with team.’

Chris Fulton, Managing Director of the Carfulan Group, commented:

“Rob is one of our most outstanding salesmen and has been for many years. He has built a brilliant team over at SYS Systems and we are looking forward to him replicating the same successes across the group. There is no one better suited to take on such an important role and align with our growth strategies.


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