PolyJet 3D Printing

What is PolyJet 3D Printing?

PolyJet 3D printing works in a similar way to the inkjet technique, but instead of jetting drops of ink onto paper it jets layers of curable liquid photopolymer onto a tray.

These fine layers help to achieve exceptional detail and surface smoothness, turning out builds of final-product standard.

PolyJet can produce specialised moulds, prototypes, medical models, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools, as well as incorporate the widest variety of vivid colours and materials into a single print for unparalleled efficiency and versatility in product development.

Benefits of PolyJet 3D Printing

  • High Quality

    Print accurate and intricate parts, with hundreds of thousands of colour combinations and Pantone validation

  • Material Choice

    PolyJet materials can be everything from rigid to flexible and transparent to opaque, achieving builds of unmatched quality

  • Simple Post-processing

    Support material is easily removable by hand, and parts are fully cured during the build

Stratasys VeroVivid
3D Printed kitchen utensils using PolyJet technology

"Now, in-house, we are able to create finely detailed physical objects directly from digital data that are virtually identical to the real thing. It has helped to slash our design-to-production times and is well on its way to giving us an even quicker return on investment than we anticipated."

Mick Gray - Eschmann

Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printers

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