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5 reasons why the F3300 is the perfect 3D printer for manufacturing

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The F3300 brings industrial FDM printing to manufacturing. As a 3D printer designed for manufacturing, the F3300 covers the full breadth of additive manufacturing applications. This includes fast prototyping, ease of use, customised tooling and cost-effective production parts. These features combined, allow manufacturers to print at rates up to twice as fast as current high-production FDM systems. The F3300 boosts productivity, print reliability and part yield with advanced hardware and software technologies.

5 reasons why the F3300 is perfect for manufacturing

1. High throughput

The F3300 can print up to twice as fast as other FDM printers available on the market. The F3300 has four extruders, linear motors, and encoders, all of which allow for faster and more precise movement of the print heads. This produces a greater number of parts in a shorter time frame, increasing manufacturers production capacity.

2. Low cost per part

The F3300 can lower cost-per-part by up to 25 percent. Its advanced features include precision,  extrusion and support removal function ensures minimal material waste, as well as being able to produce a greater number of parts at a lower cost. This leads to significant cost savings, especially for large production runs, making the F3300 a cost-effective 3D printing solution for manufacturers.

3. High accuracy

The F3300 can produce high-precision parts, with a higher accuracy of up to 25 percent, compared to other FDM printers. This ensures manufacturers can meet the demands in industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical to name a few. 

4. Large versatility

The F3300 prints with a variety of materials, including ASA, PC, FDM Nylon 12CF, ULTEM™ 9085 resin, and SR-35™ and SR 110™ soluble support. This versatility gives manufacturers more freedom than ever to produce a wider range of parts, from prototypes to end-use components.

5. Industrial reliability

The F3300 has been designed specifically for use within the manufacturing sector. It offers next-level reliability due to its robust process monitoring system. Focused on delivering maximum uptime and repeatable performance, the F3300 includes features such as material dryers, automatic calibration and redundant extruders to ensure consistent quality of components.


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