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Baker Hughes Engineer Lampros Giourntas discusses leveraging the advantages of Stratasys technology

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Lampros Giourntas of Baker Hughes speaking at SYS | Stratasys Open Day 2022

We spoke to Lampros Giourntas, a Senior Engineer CTH and Additive Manufacturing expert at Baker Hughes after his keynote speech at our exclusive open day.

“I think Stratasys technology is really, really good. Like plug and play, and that is what we have. And we were keener to understand first of all, the technologies that are coming out from Stratasys, and then leverage all these advantages.”

“We are looking for partners, we’re looking for people that are having the same vision as us, and the same passion for finding solutions. But not just the business, but also to the community.”


Lampros' speech preview

“We seem to be at the centre of excellence for non metallic 3D printing and as a result of this performance, we have have printed and shipped to Brazil, Italy; I think also in Singapore, as well, because that is the beauty of having this digital inventory. You have lots of software that is going to be supplied by Stratasys [which allows you to print from anywhere].

“If I have the printer in Houston, then that printer can complete the printing for Brazil, because they are closer if I need to ship something.”

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